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Imioła HAK-POL was established in 1991. We specialize in manufacturing tow bars for over five hundred models of passenger cars and delivery vans.

To ensure both high quality and precision of our products the elements needed for tow bars production are made with the use of modern CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines such as laser and plasma cutting machine.

To ensure the best possible protection for our tow bars they are cleaned in the blast cleaning chamber and phosphor coated before receiving their final coat of polymer powder paint.

The quality of our products is confirmed by the e20 and E20 approvals as well as Certificate of Conformity given by PIMOT (Automotive Industry Institute) and appropriate certificates for Belarussia and Ukraine.

In order to obtain homologations our tow bars are tested by the PIMOT laboratory according to EC Council Directive 94/20/WE of 30 May 1994. The PIMOT laboratory is the institution authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure to provide and grant such certifications.

Under the agreement, the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) in Warsaw keeps control over our production.

We currently sell our products in 12 European countries from which we receive an ever increasing amount of interest.

Our offer includes not only fixed towbars but also detachable ones. They are very easy and comfortable in use. What is more after removing a detachable towball there is no sign that the towbar is mounted to a car.

Detachable towballs are produced by the ACS Systems BV company based in the Netherlands, which is the largest independent detachable towball system supplier in Europe.

They have built their reputation for supplying the highest quality products on the market, what is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate. (click to see).

User manual of mounting the ACS Systems detachable towbar:


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